Leadership Institute

Programming  details:
During the program fellows will Explore concepts and best practices in leadership, instruction, improvement, social-emotional learning, and data use.
They will Launch their action plans to attend to their identified problem of practice while engaging their individual school communities.
Fellows will reflect upon their work and data collected to look at how they have Improved and plan for the year ahead.
The program has a tiered delivery approach:

Participate in full residency days focused on development topics that include leadership, instruction, culture, SEL and data based decision making.

Collaborate with school leaders who have broad school experience and perspective and engage in dialogue with fellows with common improvement needs. Participate in differentiated professional development lead by experts.

Receive one-on-one support onsite at your school, personalized consulting and encouragement.

Access to online content, discussion, support and repository of resources.


The Work
The School Incubator Fellowship would prepare individuals to design and launch a new school, afterschool program, or an embedded school program. Our programming focuses on developing leaders dedicated on working alongside the community to design learning environments, while connecting to like-minded individuals, and organizations and sharing funding opportunities. The program culminates in a Proposal, a comprehensive Design Plan and a Presentation for community stakeholders.
The Sophomore Launch Year Program would be for individuals that completed the School Incubator Fellowship. They would engage in ongoing coaching and development, school site visits three times a year to evaluate progress towards launch goals and ongoing technical support. This will culminate in a student achievement overview, reflection on priorities and strategic planning presentation at the end of the year.
Fellow Profile

The individual fellow will be critical to a successful launch of a learning environment. This leader and/or group of leaders and team members must possess a unique set of characteristics.

Seeking to build student, community and identity centered learning environments.

Commited to the local context and/or native to the community looking to serve.

Proven track record and relentless in the pursuit of success.

Willingness to think outside the box.

Programming Details
Fellows will be responsible for four major buckets of work

1 Saturday Session a month

4-5 Evening Sessions a month

Once a month transformational coaching

Once a month technical assistance

4 major document submission dates

Ongoing revision of school program from community input


Securing funding, board members (if applicable), and space

Theory of Change

The Pillars

Programming  Overview

Programming  Agenda