Leadership Institute

Is a collaborative capacity-building program that, within the context of real schools, teaches principals and teacher-leaders evidence-based instructional leadership.  We further build the capacity of current school leaders and create the necessary training and skills-based pipeline for new leadership. We evaluate the impact of this intervention to document strategies that strengthen school leadership and student success in Puerto Rico. 

With the ever-expanding role of school leaders, it is critical that school leaders  are provided the tools and support to prioritize instructional leadership, in support of high-quality teaching and excellent outcomes for students.

During the program fellows will Explore concepts and best practices in leadership, instruction, improvement, social-emotional learning, and data use.

They will Launch their action plans to attend to their identified problem of practice while engaging their individual school communities.

Fellows will reflect upon their work and data collected to look at how they have Improved and plan for the year ahead.

The program has a tiered delivery approach:

Residency Sessions

Participate in full residency days focused on development topics including leadership, instruction, school culture, socio-emotional learning, and decision making.
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Step 01

Cohort Sessions

Collaborate with school leaders who have broad school experience and perspective and engage in dialogue with fellows with common improvement needs. Participate in differentiated professional development led by experts in the context of each of the participant’s schools
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Step 02

One-on-One Coaching

Receive one-on-one support onsite and virtual support.
Step 03
This program aims to:

Recruit and enroll a diverse set of school leaders in a two-year school leadership collaborative.  

Deliver school leadership training and mentorship that will ensure the strong operation of high-quality schools in each of the three sectors. 

Establish a sustainability and growth plan for the school leaders in the network.