The Design Lab/ Incubator Program  supports leaders in developing and piloting schools and programs that create pathways to achievement, rooted in data-led, responsive learning communities. The program seeks to support organizations and individuals in developing more equitable opportunities for students and families in Puerto Rico, working alongside the community to design learning environments that meet the needs of those they serve.

The Pillars
Co-creation with the community and forming deep and impactful alliances with community stakeholders.
Direction Arrows
Early and high quality leadership programming to prepare to launch a Learning environment.
Direction Arrows
Investment in the individuals and their leadership journey and growth.
Direction Arrows
Creativity and innovation in the type of school program developed.
Direction Arrows

Areas of Focus

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

  • Community First, Vision Follows

  • Academics: Planning for High Expectations and Rigor

  • Socio-emotional Learning: Programs + Services

  • Building Intentional Identity-Centered Community

  • Financing: How to Bring the Vision to Life

  • Operations: Getting Granular